Tee’s Gift; A North Pole Tale

A book with a message will always be worth rereading, especially if the story resonates with the season or the audience.  Tee’s Gift holds the message most Christmas stories embrace; giving being the priority during this blessed season.  It is the author’s hope that Tee, the little reindeer, holds a place on the Christmas book shelf for the young ones during the Christmastime season.  The message is for Christmas, but the gift truly comes from self.  Remember the card you colored for your mom and dad?  Tee’s gift is the same.  You wanted to bring a warm smile and that something special to your parents.  Tee’s gift helps to save Christmas and comes from her very own selfless wish to help her friend, Santa.



Tee and Santa team up to save Christmas in this heartwarming selection from the Tee and Heddie series.



The Laplandian Series

Happy to write that the 5th ‘Tee and Heddie’ storybook, set in Lapland, is now available: Tee’s Easter.  The series illustrates the importance of friendship, kindness, caring, adventure, expectation, science, social studies, animal intelligence which culminate to foster the idea that all life on earth is connected; this is represented by dear Jaska, the talking rock.  Tee’s Gift stands apart, in the series, as Tee is on her own in that story, ready as ever to help St. Nick when he has an upset at the North Pole once snowy Christmas.  The other 4 storybooks bring the Arctic friends together and introduce new characters in each book which include Bud and Rosebay Badger, Skatt the mouse, Mikko the eagle, Torto the owl, Mig and Janii Artic Hares, and in the lastest story, Tee’s Easter, the reader meets Piotrusz, a lost stork from Poland.  Tee and Heddie are those little friends that leave one with the smile hoped for when reading a children’s storybook.

good one Easter

Tee’s Easter:  http://amzn.to/2oMMToo


A Valentine Story for Children

Twinkle Truth Publication books are designed for growing readers with themes that are intricate in children’s lives; the characters are kind, sweet and nutty.  They offer a healthy level of challenge regarding vocabulary, characters to keep in your heart, and themes that have happy endings, but the trail to get there is also wrought with decisions; it’s all about growing in a healthy way. Children will find peace in the reading, expansion of vocabulary, a touch of science, a touch of Social Studies, and many smiles for the fun-loving adventures of the characters.

One endearing group of characters live in the Laplandian Forest, and Tee, a little reindeer, is the main character of a grand group, that includes her best friend, Heddie Hedgehog. Tee’s mother often has something to say, and here is her latest:

“Use the threads to connect the dots and let yourself think outside the box.”  ~ Mother Deer

All books can be viewed on: http://www.lindasochajaworski.com and purchased via amazon. com



Tee’s Treasure-True Forest



The lights go out in the Laplandian Forest causing all sorts of unusual occurences.  Skatt, the mouse, seems to understand nature’s wonders, but Tee and Heddie count on Jaska, the smart talking rock, to guide them along.  Together they find the goodness in their ‘what-the-heck-happens-next’ kind of a day!

Tee’s Treasure-True Forest is a Valentine story for elementary children; happy, funny, and fun.  Andrzej Wroblewski’s illustrations bring this sweet story to life!