What is a Twinkle Truth Book?

What is a Twinkle Truth Book?


It’s a picture book

With a different look.

More words, gentle laughter,

Somewhat similar to a book of chapter.


Twinkle Truth gives a little more.

Finding life elements at their core,

With a touch of science, folk history,

Geography, friendship, and fun-mystery!


A book needn’t be read in one sitting.

Your child’s mind is a computer, information knitting!

Why not find out what happens tomorrow night?

Wonder, waiting, wow, feed a reader’s delight!




 Harmony’s Fence by Linda Socha Jaworski

 Harmony’s Fence

By Linda

This story is dedicated to


Class of

2012 – 2013


Once upon a time, deep in the Three-Best Forest, there lived a very odd goblin. He wasn’t exactly mean and he was for sure, not exactly nice. He could be both, but most often, one would not consider approaching him as he was very unapproachable, indeed! 

Goat the Goblin was most often heard, by other creatures of the forest, saying, “Silly nonsense!” He said that about everything! When the sun came up, he said it, and when the sun went down he said it. When he cooked he said it, and when he was looking at the sky he said it. Francis the Funny Fairy, often called Franny, would hear him and she believed that the only words he actually knew were, “silly nonsense!”

One might think a goblin would be a weird being and he was, indeed. But why would a goblin be called goat? That was easy! Once when the goblin was crawling on his hands and knees in his garden and chasing Linda Rabbit! L. Rabbit hopped away so fast, and then went all over the forest yelling, “A goat stopped me from eating my breakfast!!”

Işıl Rabbit went to investigate and saw the goblin in the yard too; she saw that his beard was just like that of a goat, and Işıl began telling everyone that Goat Goblin had taken over the empty, rundown cottage and was lying on the ground of the cottage garden. Doing what, no one could imagine because the goblin was on his hands and knees, sort of slinking about on the ground. Goat Goblin didn’t know that everyone in Three-Best Forest called him that, but no one really knew his name. So strange! It was curious to be sure. To find the true name of this goblin, there is a clue before you get to the end of the story!

Three-Best Forest wasn’t a bad place at all – it was often a funny place! Franny the Fairy, for instance, was very funny!! She loved playing pranks on all the forest creatures, and whoever happened to be in her path, on any given day, well, that creature was in for some bewitching experience, to be sure.

Just in the very middle of the forest grew a huge bush. The bush was unusual because it was gigantic and it had turquoise-colored flowers all over it. Inside of each turquoise colored flower was a bouquet of purple stars. This was a proud and beautiful home for the fairy-inhabitants of that bush, but only fairy eyes could see the turquoise flowers. To most other creatures of the forest, they only saw the flowers as a continuation of green, the green from the leaves. That was because the bush was enchanted. Inside of this splendid bush, hidden securely, lived a lively fairy settlement, because fairies do not like to be seen. And, that is where Funny Franny lived too!

Queen Angie, the boss-fairy, was often quite cross with Franny. Fairies were never supposed to use their magic in daytime and very often Franny was caught disobeying that rule. Why oh why, Queen Angie would ask, and every single time, Franny would answer that she was playing a joke on someone, somewhere, and it couldn’t be helped. And, every single time, Queen Angie would reprimand Franny and send her to time-out where she was not allowed to have her magic dust! Franny would do the time-out gladly, and mostly sit and laugh at how funny the frogs looked when she put wings on them, so instead of hopping around their pond, they just flew and gawked at each other in disbelief! This particular time, they were all in a tizzy and made such ribbit yells that Queen Angie heard them, flew quickly to see the flying frogs, and immediately knew it was Franny, so sent her to time-out without her dust! Franny didn’t mind time-out because she could just enjoy laughing about what she had done. Of course, the frogs were all happy to hear that Franny was in time-out and glad to be hopping once again. The frogs thought that the wings were pretty, but they much preferred their hopping legs instead.

One gentle afternoon, when the forest was quiet and sunny, Franny flew here and there and just about everywhere searching for mischief to get into. She didn’t do too well because when the creatures of the forest saw her coming, they took cover!! They had gotten used to her little jokes and most were not fond of them at all, and so upon her arrival, everyone disappeared!

As Franny flew past one big tree, she saw just the furry tail of Gran the Squirrel. Gran had seen Franny coming from her high perch, as she sat on a branch nibbling an acorn and remembered the last time her beautiful auburn tail had been 15 shades of black and yellow stripes! The yellow stripes attracted all the neighborhood bees, as they thought her bushy tail was their hive!! Poor Gran had bites all over her tail and had to stay in the tree for days to heal! She would not take a chance when Franny was about, so off she scrambled into her little tree house. Franny saw her scramble and giggled to herself because it was funny to remember that beehive tail!

Franny grew tired of flying and decided to sit near the bottom of a tree and think about where and what mischief she might get into, but when no one was around, and there was no one upon which to play pranks, she felt lonesome! She wondered why each day when she was about, all of a sudden no one else was! She became restless and decided to make all the sticks that lay quietly on the ground, dance! She would be the audience!

She took her mini fairy dust bottle from her mini belt, and said,

Sticks of the forest,

Sitting near me,

Jump up and dance,

For me to see!

And then she sprinkled the dust all around the bottom of the tree where nineteen sticks lay, that had recently fallen. These nineteen sticks at one time had been part of the beautiful tree, but like hair, they were shed and now they were lying there waiting to become fertilizer or pieces of bird nests. They were not unhappy about performing for little Franny Fairy, rather they were indeed grateful to her for giving them the gift of dance!

The nineteen sticks jumped, twirled, and glided in unison all around Franny. She clapped and cheered and coerced them to dance and dance and dance some more. What fun it was, and many of the animals up in the trees were watching too, and found the dance to be lovely. For once Franny had done something quite nice, even if it had happened because she had found no being upon which to cast her fairy dust spells! She didn’t realize anything like that though, she just knew she was bored and wanted something to keep herself amused.

As Franny sat there clapping to the Stick Dance, she heard the words, “silly nonsense!” She immediately knew who that was, but did not know what he was talking about, and she was curious! So off Franny flew, as the sticks continued to dance, to have a look near Goat’s cottage abode. She saw him in his garden and called out, “Goat Goblin, why are you babbling ‘silly nonsense’ all the time?”

Goat Goblin looked at her with a perplexed face and answered, “Silly nonsense!”

Franny decided there was no point in pursuing an answer to a perfectly good question if all Goat Goblin would say is, ‘Silly nonsense!’ She then returned to her Stick Troop who were still in full swing of their lovely dancing, and even without music!

Just as Franny was about to get the frogs to croak out a song for the sticks, she heard a loud voice in the distance, and it was Queen Angie’s voice shouting, “Franny!!!! I saw dust flying, and I am wondering what you are doing!!”

Yikes!” Franny cried, and ordered, “All of you look at me and do as Ising:

Quick as a wink,

Call out your name, then turn pink!

Jump your best at a quick pace,

Form a fence around Goat’s place!

At that all of the sticks turned pink, called out his or her name, and jumped along in quick order, surrounding Goat’s backyard, forming a brand new pink fence!

And this is what each post of the fence said,

Zeynep B, that be me!

Alp can sing, that’s my thing!

Melisa loves science, and upon that there’s reliance!

Idil gets the job done and still has fun!

Ceylin’s the same, loving the school game!

Demir likes to dance and wiggle his pants!

Defne Su loves art and that’s the best part!

Tuna loves soccer, so look out goal rocker!

Dogan loves history, and that’s no mystery!

Zeynep Deniz can really draw, I go girl, rah!

Nehir loves to write, on the fence tonight!

And loves to read, book brain food seed!

Nilsu does all her work, that’s the teacher’s perk!

Özdemir can write a book, wow, let’s take a look!

Vedat likes iPad3, for tons of fun, weeeeee!

Can loves soccer, and sometimes is the clock’s tocker!

Ela works hard and well, just a little primrose bell!

Lara loves to play, the whole long and lovely day!

Menekse, as the last one, says reading is the most fun!

With their roll call complete, they leapt perfectly in place and landed to form a perfect fence, as though they had always been there, in Goat’s garden, all pink and pretty, fresh and witty!

Queen Angie arrived to find Franny sitting on one fence post, and just staring up at the beautiful azure sky.

Angie said, “Franny, I saw fairy dust flying, I heard soundless music, all the creatures were hiding, and I knew it was you!”

Franny quietly replied, “Queen, I am here, enjoying Goat’s fence, and thinking about the sky.”

With that, Ela moved a bit, and the Queen saw this.

Franny!! Is that fence bewitched?” yelled Queen Angie.

From the cottage, at all the commotion, one could hear, “Silly nonsense!” and then out he came! There he was, Goat Goblin, standing there with his billy goat beard, and his beady little eyes, and his very long face. He was wondering where the fence came from, why it was pink, why there was a fairy sitting on it and who was the bigger fairy with the angry face?

Then Queen Angie was quiet. She stared at Goat. And she remembered! Oh dear, did she remember!! “Harmony, is that you?” she asked.

It had been so many years since poor ol’ Harmony had heard his name that he barely recognized it, but he nodded his head, yes, that he was indeed, Harmony the Goblin. And, to his horror, he recognized Queen Angie too. They both remembered a sad day, long, long ago.

This is what had happened. Queen Angie was crowned queen during the Midsummer ceremony one summer, some seven years ago. Fairies do not like to be seen, ever, by any other creature, only perhaps an innocent animal, but none other. Harmony, loving music, following the pleasing sounds of the Queening ceremony and found himself in the exact spot in Three-Best Forest where the would-be queen, Angie, was having her magnificent day. Harmony knelt down to watch, unbeknownst to the fairies, and stayed to delight in the magical music. Harmony enjoyed all of the festivities until one tiny fairy, who was sprinkling fairy-sparkling-dust all over everything, asked, “Who is that big thing with beady eyes and a billy goat beard, watching us?”

All the fairies were aghast and angry! A spy, they all yelled. Queen Angie has the power to decide what to do and so Queen Angie angrily and spontaneously announced:

Goblin intruder, you are.

No friend for you, now you will be quite afar!

You have no music, song or dance, nor will you do much of anything!

When you speak, silly nonsense is all you shall sing!”

With that, Harmony Goblin lost his voice and his talent and all he had left was one sentence: “Silly nonsense!”

Franny looked pitifully sad. Goat Goblin looked pitifully sadder, and Queen Angie looked even more pitifully sad as she remembered her harsh punishment.

There was one moment, and then another.

Franny, being who she was a for-the-moment kind of fairy, sprinkled her dust right under herself, and then the fence began to dance, and sing:

Sometimes a queen can make a mistake,

Sometimes a fairy, rules she can break.

Sometimes a goblin can be a spy,

But, shouldn’t we carry on, me oh my?

I am sorry, you are too!

You three know it’s true!

Oh dear Queen, let it be,

Friends can be here, you, Harmony and we!

With that little song, that the fence did sing, all of a sudden happened a beautiful thing! Each little stick bowed itself down, and offered its friendship to Harmony, round and round!

Harmony’s lovely beady eyes welled with tears, and Queen Angie’s eyes softened with knowledge gained through the years. Little Franny smiled at all the fun, and continued to gaze up at the sky, as every cloud, every one, smiled back at her and all the fun.

And Harmony lived happily ever after with his friendly and fantastic dancing fence; there was never ever another day when he thought anything was silly nonsense!

And the fence lived happily ever after too, because Franny the not-so-naughty fairy, turned all the boy fence posts blue!

The End!