Ant and Aunts

Ant-individual-An ant is someone’s aunt.

Ants come in many colors, as do aunts.

Ants scurry busily about as do aunts.

Aunts like cookies as do ants.


Addressing life requires attention.

Admonishing for hitting another is correct.

Allowing for learning is necessary.

Answering our children sincerely is a must.


All of us may take stock of our smaller beings.

Not seeing their value is a miss.

Talking to children so they understand that all life is worthy.

Stepping on ants is no different than stepping on aunts.


Wendy, Michael and John



There never was, nor will be, a difference in children.  They are as we are: happier, sadder, solid, troubled, intelligent, curious, wondering, deciphering, and trying to make their way through this daily process we call life.

It’s been said in many ways, often, many times: color is irrelevant.  I say it with resolve because I live it.  Each and every day, I experience children of all sorts and what do I find?  Mirrors of adults.  Beauty, and special.  No difference.

No difference.  If there is anything anyone could do to make this life’s experience better, it is to see the truth: there is no difference.  Naughty and nice; all of them.  Wendy, Michael and John; all of them; each water droplet that makes a rainbow is just a water droplet, like the next, and the sun shines through each and every drop.