The Laplandian Series

Happy to write that the 5th ‘Tee and Heddie’ storybook, set in Lapland, is now available: Tee’s Easter.  The series illustrates the importance of friendship, kindness, caring, adventure, expectation, science, social studies, animal intelligence which culminate to foster the idea that all life on earth is connected; this is represented by dear Jaska, the talking rock.  Tee’s Gift stands apart, in the series, as Tee is on her own in that story, ready as ever to help St. Nick when he has an upset at the North Pole once snowy Christmas.  The other 4 storybooks bring the Arctic friends together and introduce new characters in each book which include Bud and Rosebay Badger, Skatt the mouse, Mikko the eagle, Torto the owl, Mig and Janii Artic Hares, and in the lastest story, Tee’s Easter, the reader meets Piotrusz, a lost stork from Poland.  Tee and Heddie are those little friends that leave one with the smile hoped for when reading a children’s storybook.

good one Easter

Tee’s Easter:



A Valentine Story for Children

Twinkle Truth Publication books are designed for growing readers with themes that are intricate in children’s lives; the characters are kind, sweet and nutty.  They offer a healthy level of challenge regarding vocabulary, characters to keep in your heart, and themes that have happy endings, but the trail to get there is also wrought with decisions; it’s all about growing in a healthy way. Children will find peace in the reading, expansion of vocabulary, a touch of science, a touch of Social Studies, and many smiles for the fun-loving adventures of the characters.

One endearing group of characters live in the Laplandian Forest, and Tee, a little reindeer, is the main character of a grand group, that includes her best friend, Heddie Hedgehog. Tee’s mother often has something to say, and here is her latest:

“Use the threads to connect the dots and let yourself think outside the box.”  ~ Mother Deer

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Tee’s Treasure-True Forest



The lights go out in the Laplandian Forest causing all sorts of unusual occurences.  Skatt, the mouse, seems to understand nature’s wonders, but Tee and Heddie count on Jaska, the smart talking rock, to guide them along.  Together they find the goodness in their ‘what-the-heck-happens-next’ kind of a day!

Tee’s Treasure-True Forest is a Valentine story for elementary children; happy, funny, and fun.  Andrzej Wroblewski’s illustrations bring this sweet story to life!


Tee the Reindeer

Children’s books are a special part of holidays and for a very good reason!  They send  children on adventures that allow for special dreams of possibilities to be accomplished in their lifetimes ahead.  The Tee series focuses on friendship, geography, science, problem solving and most importantly, kindness.

Tee the reindeer, Heddie the hedgehog, Mikko the eagle, Skatt the mouse, Piotrus the stork, Jaska the talking rock and other forest friends invite you to gift a Tee book for the upcoming holidays.

Tee’s Gift:


Tee’s Song:



Rose Hawthorne


I recently read the book, Rose Hawthorne, The Pilgrimage of Nathaniel’s Daughter.  There were many points that were impressive about the 1800’s American Hawthorne family, but one that stands out was how valued, loved and free girls were.  I remembering when I was younger traveling overseas, and how I often thought how lucky I am that I was born an American woman.  Many countries view women as second class citizens, and these stories, philosophies and tragedies have been heard by all.  What this woman’s life tells me is that our roots in America were based on a philosophy, that should continue through the decades generating a firm respect for all persons, thereby allowing that all are able to excel to become who each was meant to be, regardless of any physical aspect by which a person is judged.  Rose Hawthorne was privileged, true, yet the foundations of respect were blossoming (and being fought over) seemingly in the right direction, during her era.

Rose Hawthorne experienced the deepest sadness in life, joy at times, yet always a yearning, feeling something inside of her calling and urging her that there was more; her job on earth was important, but what was it.  By virtue of experiencing life, she found the answer; she was brave whilst doing so. She is a beautiful inspiration and it is worth the time to experience her story!