Tee’s Gift; A North Pole Tale

A book with a message will always be worth rereading, especially if the story resonates with the season or the audience.  Tee’s Gift holds the message most Christmas stories embrace; giving being the priority during this blessed season.  It is the author’s hope that Tee, the little reindeer, holds a place on the Christmas book shelf for the young ones during the Christmastime season.  The message is for Christmas, but the gift truly comes from self.  Remember the card you colored for your mom and dad?  Tee’s gift is the same.  You wanted to bring a warm smile and that something special to your parents.  Tee’s gift helps to save Christmas and comes from her very own selfless wish to help her friend, Santa.



Tee and Santa team up to save Christmas in this heartwarming selection from the Tee and Heddie series.



The Laplandian Series

Happy to write that the 5th ‘Tee and Heddie’ storybook, set in Lapland, is now available: Tee’s Easter.  The series illustrates the importance of friendship, kindness, caring, adventure, expectation, science, social studies, animal intelligence which culminate to foster the idea that all life on earth is connected; this is represented by dear Jaska, the talking rock.  Tee’s Gift stands apart, in the series, as Tee is on her own in that story, ready as ever to help St. Nick when he has an upset at the North Pole once snowy Christmas.  The other 4 storybooks bring the Arctic friends together and introduce new characters in each book which include Bud and Rosebay Badger, Skatt the mouse, Mikko the eagle, Torto the owl, Mig and Janii Artic Hares, and in the lastest story, Tee’s Easter, the reader meets Piotrusz, a lost stork from Poland.  Tee and Heddie are those little friends that leave one with the smile hoped for when reading a children’s storybook.

good one Easter

Tee’s Easter:  http://amzn.to/2oMMToo


Tee the Reindeer

Children’s books are a special part of holidays and for a very good reason!  They send  children on adventures that allow for special dreams of possibilities to be accomplished in their lifetimes ahead.  The Tee series focuses on friendship, geography, science, problem solving and most importantly, kindness.

Tee the reindeer, Heddie the hedgehog, Mikko the eagle, Skatt the mouse, Piotrus the stork, Jaska the talking rock and other forest friends invite you to gift a Tee book for the upcoming holidays.

Tee’s Gift: http://amzn.to/2i91gnP


Tee’s Song: http://amzn.to/2A8aDLt



Chess Does the Body Good



Consider everyday life.  Making decisions is an all-day-long event, and quite often an all-day-long event that includes many simultaneous decisions.  Is it important? Of course, it is.  Buying a gift is important, and deciding what to eat is important.  Everything can be important for a host of reasons.  That is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what those wonderful computing brains are about – the question is: can we learn to be better at making decisions and if so, how?

My answer is wholeheartedly, “Yes!”

Yes, we can become better at anything, and the beauty is that being a thinker, and being able to make the best decisions that affect everyday life and subsequently tomorrow’s life as well, can be done even-handedly, logically, efficiently, and peacefully. There is a catch though: one must endeavor to believe that a bit of effort to learn is worth all that.

Having watched brains think for the better part of my life leaves me with many questions, and at this moment, the first and foremost question is: what might I do, as an individual to help children, who will become adults, be thinkers?  There is a ton of research, scads of articles and books on this very subject; some dull though, and others perhaps not resonating.  This is too important to let go, and even if redundant, worth repeating: take away technology on regularly intervaled occasions, and replace those hours with games and reading.  Fun games are worthwhile because fun is important and although one may feel he/she is having fun, we all learn a lot from playing games!  But, there is something much more important than having fun which precedes fun, and allows for fun: learning to strategize and think a plan through from many angels.  Chess!

In the ideal educational system from my perspective, chess would be a scheduled class, happening on a weekly basis, minimally.  Let it begin in kindergarten, and continue straight through to 12th grade.  This is the wonderful assistant to all teachers; students learning to think, consider, plan, strategize, follow rules, find camaraderie and win their intent; isn’t that what we hope for all the time when teaching them anything?

For adults, this is brain vitamins; teach yourself, teach your children, teach your mom and dad – chess is one way to begin winning from the very beginning because while you learn, you grow those all-important dendrites and keep them healthy.

Moral of the story: Chess does the body good.


Tee’s Gift



A book is still a most wonderful gift for a child.  The warmth between a child being read to and an adult enjoying the story is magnificent!  Tee’s Gift is a Christmas story that reminds us of the joy of giving from the heart; we all know that, but it’s nice to read, especially at this time of year.  Merry Christmas to all.